Can I find 1:35 chains for IDF vehicles

I’m currently building Tiger Model 4616 Nagmachon which comes with nice chains:

My question is where can I purchase the same or similar ones for use in other models?

A jewellery making supply shop online shop possibly👍

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I think you should avoid some jewelry chains because the links are “twisted”, which as far as I know is not correct for large size chains.

There are several modelling brands which offer them:

Either directly or through big shops lile bnamodelworld or Modellbau-König you should be able to get them


Thank you!

Accurate Armour also do decent chain and Ryan @Tank_1812 recently got hold of several decent chain sets


Some options.

There is also this thread to make your own.


Thank you. I knew I have seen this, but I was not able to locate the post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Here’s one more for you: L.Z. Models ‘Scale Blackened Chains’

—mike :chains:

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