Can you backdate the Revell 1960 1/24 VW Beetle to a WWII version?

And how much work is it and what changes need to take place. Thank you

If I recall correctly, there was an option for a civilian beetle and also the military Type 82E.

Which do you plan to build?

This will give you some idea of the changes.

One of the big changes is the rear glass. I am sure there are many more at a high level before getting into the weeds on detail.

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It will be far more work than you want to do.

  1. You will need to shrink the tires from 5.6x15 to 4.5x16
  2. You will have to reduce the front windshield in size
  3. Tail lights will change in shape
  4. Door handles will have to be changed from push-button to lever-type
  5. Turn signals on fenders will need to be removed and replaced by semaphores on the main body between the front and rear side windows
  6. Seats will go from contoured backs to flatter backs
  7. Remove the sway bar
  8. Instrument panel will have to be completely changed
  9. Engine lid will have to be converted back to original shape
  10. Accelerator pedal changes from flat pedal to roller
  11. Tail lights lowered from current position to lower on rear fenders
  12. Bumpers must be reduced in size
  13. Tail light over license plate must be changed in size and shape
  14. Emblem size on hubcaps must be enlarged
  15. Engine (if visible) must be reduced from 36bhp to 22bhp – i.e., shrink its displacement
  16. Remove chrome strip from windshield
  17. Remove Wolfsburg crest from hood - replace with KDF emblem
  18. Rear windshield must be reverted back to smaller split-glass design
  19. Engine pull lever in T-shape must be replaced by L-shaped handle
  20. Steering wheel must lose dish-shape and offset must be removed
  21. Brake lights from 2 separate lights to single light housed with license plate light
  22. If engine is to be visible another 4 very visible changes need to be made with the hardest being removing 215 (scale) cubic centimeters from the engine block and cylinders

Those are all the main visible changes; there are numerous ones that the model doesn’t reveal to people looking at it.

Does that help?

A myth/anecdote/possibly true wurst of info: the only part remaining from the first civilian to the last civilian model is the rubber seal for front hood/bonnet, & that wasn’t the same length!

Definitely true: VW produce their own Bratwursts for their staff canteens, several million a year.

don’t forget the rear window!

It’s number 18 on the list.

Actually a good thing the OP isn’t trying to backdate a 1970s model;

It might be easier to just buy a Solido diecast and repaint it. Then you could either just buy one of their WWII releases or convert a 1950s Kafer.