Canadian 17 pdr. Archer finally completed

Good day folks, finally done my second build following my first MK II universal carrier in Mar. 2021. The Tamiya SPG Archer. It represents the 3rd. Cdn. Inf. Div., 3rd Anti tank Reg., 4th Anti tank Battery C troop. Tamiya 1/35 scale, completely brush painted and weathered with Vallejo products, added Eduard Photo Etch and Added Thatchweave netting an scrim.
First attempt at a complete base , all scratch built.
All comments welcome.
Cheers Dennis


Very nice looking finish! The action background sets the tone perfectly for your base.

Dennis that’s a great little scene you’ve got going there! I think you’ve captured the look of a gun in action perfectly. Just needs a panzer smoking in the background!

Great! And I really love the use of that picture, gives a real depth to the scene!!

Looks really excellent! You’ve done a fantastic job.

I’m nearing the end of my archer build and have gained quite the appreciation for this cool little vehicle

Fantastic work Dennis, I can’t stress that enough. You really did the subject justice, and the background sets the scene perfectly! It’s really imaginative and you aced the project, imo. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Thanks for the comments coming from an accomplished modeller. I will be in touch sometime here in the future to take up your offer on custom decals. As my next project is my father in laws flower class corvette HMCS Dauphin. After getting touch with the Sackville folks in Halifax, I am going to have to reposition some structures that differ from the Snowberry kit. Besides getting the proper decals. I maybe be getting in over my head for skill level after completing only 2 builds. Also have Eduardo photo etch for it. We will see how things pan out. Cheers Dennis

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Thank you for your generous comments . Greatly appreciated from sure an accomplished builder.
Cheers Dennis

Thank you for your encouragement to keep building and trying to get my skills up to par. Cheers Dennis

The comments are greatly appreciated, keeps my enthusiasm up to work on my skills an maybe great to the level of all guys.
Cheers Dennis

Thanks for the encouragement to keep working on my skills and create more builds. Eventually I may get to the standards of the folks displaying their work on this site. Cheers Dennis

Really like that scene and the lighting is good, highlighting the crew nicely. However, now you are talking, a Flower! Yeah.

Yes you read that correct a corvette. My goal when I retired was to start modelling. My last build was 52yrs. ago, a plane slapped together no concern for accuracy or quality. Just a 13 yr. old kid going through a rite of passage.
So my idea is to build the vehicles that my relatives were associated with in the WW 2. So my first build was MK II universal carrier posted in Mar. 2021. Left to build is a couple of Sherman’s and a couple of aircraft.
Then decide where to go after that if everything turns out with decent quality.
Have a lot to go to get up to where all you guys are for great builds.
Cheers Dennis


Bonjour, superbe réalisation