Canadian Armour in Korean War - Squadron Structure?


I’m trying to establish what the typical squadron structure used in Korea was, specific to the various Sqns of The Lord Strathcona’s Horse that served there.

My assumption (probably wrong) would be that they probably followed a similar structure to the WWII format, with perhaps 4 Troops, each of four vehicles, along with an HQ Troop?

As they were deployed in single Squadrons, were there additional admin/Command resources attached (a sort of mini Regt/Btn HQ for example)?

I believe some of this information might be covered in Don Dingwall’s ‘Canadian Vehicles in Korea’ book, but I have been unable to source a copy from any supplier in the UK.

Any assistance with the info would be much appreciated.


If you can’t get an answer give these guys a call. The mueseum is in my home town, and is the regimental museum for the Lord Strathconas Horse regiment;0,7&lsig=AB86z5VWa7LOAaLPHf9cYeZITXYf&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwix_snZ6qPuAhVPHjQIHfZyBdEQ8G0oADAJegQIDRAB&biw=414&bih=829#