Canadian Lee

This is my rendition of a Canadian Lee with British style stowage as used for training in 1942/43. My references on this vehicle are rather scant, 1/2 dozen pictures from various sources, a stowage diagram and one side view. Any information or comments would be greatly appreciated. Basic construction is complete and paint upcoming.


The base kit is Takom’s Mid M3 Lee, part way through the build I discovered that the base kit should have been an early M3. I had to modify the rear plate with some Scale Links diamond mesh and some TWD pepper pot exhausts. Bits and pieces out of the parts bin.


Looks good Cam. Can you tell me what the white plastic bits are between the wheel stations. Guides, guards ??

After the problems the Canadians had at Dieppe with the beach rocks getting caught in the suspension of the Churchills and then snapping the tracks they tried rock deflectors on the Lees and Grants to mitigate the problem. It was found that the Lee/Grant suspension type was not as susceptible to rocks and they were not on latter models.

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Thanks for the info, interesting to know :+1:

Looks great! I have a soft spot for anything Canadian and I may be doing one myself so this will be a great reference!

I second that.

Good Job, You have put a lot of details, I hope to see paint, very soon.-
Regards, Omar

All the extra bits really look good…awaiting to see paint and markings on
this beauty.

There was more guessing as to what went where on this build than I like to do. I could not find 2 pictures of vehicles that were configured exactly the same.

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I seem to have a lineup at the paint booth right now so it’s number 3 in line.


Cam…nice job. I really like what you did. Hope all goes well as you bring it to completion. Where did you find any research material?



There was an article in Military Modelling of a 1/72 build by Steve Guthrie that includes 2 pictures and a stowage diagram, Camouflage & Markings of Canadian Armored Vehicles Part 1 by Steve Guthrie and Barry Beldam contains 2 pictures and a side profile, Tools of the trade by Law/Knight includes 2 pictures, Sherman by Hunnicutt contains 1 picture and line drawings of the Lee and Grant, The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps by John Martinson & Michael McNorgan contains the best profile but it is from the "uninteresting side’ with the large bin on it. Finally, The Governor General’s Horse Guards by Jonn Marteinson that includes 2 pictures. There are probably more but that is all I could find in my library.


Finally got to the painting stage, base coat, a wash and some future have the Lee ready for decals and detail paint.

I’m still waiting for the fire extinguishers to arrive and the aux fuel tank is just sitting in place so I can paint the tools under it.


Ive been waiting for this awesome build to be continued! Looks even better under paint!

You should post some pics on the Great Canadian Campaign if you want. :grin:

I totally agree with you on that.
Amazing job, man! can’t wait for more!

Good advances with that tank, I will waiting the colors.
Regards, Omar

Thanks Omar it is now decaled and I’m doing the detail painting but every time I look at it there is something else to do.

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I finally finished my Canadian Lee with British stowage. The markings are for a Lee of the Governor Generals Horse Guards at the beginning of 1943 training in England.

Part of the delay was waiting for a set of Extinguishers to arrive from England and when they did they were too big to fit so it was into the old kits to rip them off a Bronco A-13.


Very nice build, paint job and weathering!..What base coat color did you use?

AK’s S.C.C.2 Brown, I quite like this line of paints.