Canadian leopard green paint match

Was wondering if anyone has a paint number for modern Canadian Armor green. AK real colors has a number of olive greens and I am trying to figure out which would be the correct one. I think it is RC209 olive green which is listed as a match for FS34095. Anyone know if this is correct?

what vehicle are you painting? and what time frame? location?

I guess that bit of information might help a bit! My bad for forgetting it earlier.

It’ll be a leopard C2 Mexas in Afghanistan during the invasion after 9/11, sometime around 2007ish

IIRC it would be CARC green. closest match would be NATO green.

The Leopard C1s were delivered in overall Gelboliv, RAL 6014. Later in their service lives, they were repainted into the NATO three color schem.

All of the photos of the C2 Mexas with dozer blade Ive seen in theatre in Afghanistan are solid green. Is the RAL 6014 the best for this?

No, by the time of Afghanistan I’d suggest the NATO/CARC Green. RAL 6014 was just the original Leo C1 delivery color.

Okay perfect! Thanks for the help guys!

100% match is Tamiya Nato Green at 1/1 scale, you will have to lighten it up with buff of field grey to get the proper 1/35 scale look. Summer 2007 I commanded all 4 types of the C2 MEXAS in Afghanistan, if you are building the kit, you can message me here or on Facebook anytime, I have lots of photos from my tour and can help you out with your build.