Canadian Leopard with barracuda question

Another source by Anthony:

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I really like the tutorial and it served me for my build quite well. Thanx for the direct link. The main drawback is the crafting of the cutting blade which might put some of us off. Here I modified the technique by using a standard hypodermic needle of the appropriate size (I cut the funnel and inserted it in my hand drill but you can just use it as it comes). All you need then is a soft layer you can punch the needle halfway through. I use cardboard of the desired thickness for that purpose.

With that modification the technique described by Ingvar Sylegard might come in even more handy.

Happy modelling and stay healthy.

PS: in the pic you see me applying the technique on an aluminum foil (50µm) but it works as well with paper. Note that the scale in the picture is 1:72. So adjustment is needed for 1:35.

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