Canadian M151A2 & M100 trailer REFORGER 1980

All the images used were dug up on the internet and are shown for reference purpose only!

The canadian Campaign and the shown M151’s therein made me want to do another M151 myself and looking for references for my other Canadian build, a M113, I came across this picture during REFORGER Certain Rampart 1980. My build will be inspired by that one since I had everything needed at home already.

The other reference pictures I used:
For the M151A2;
1 Service Battalion as CS 9A

Tactical Helicopter Squadron and retired with 403 Helo Operational Training Squadron
422 Tactical Helicopter Squadron and retired with 403 Helo Operational Training Squadron

For the radio setup, apart from the ones shown previously;



And for the M100 trailer;


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To make the version I wanted I needed to change some things, like the square rearview mirrors, for which I used the older pattern that come with Tamiya’s M998’s. I made housings for the radio’s, a grill mesh, remade or scratchbuild the antennabases and the trailer needed quite some extra’s added as well.
I used the kit’s driver figure, but altered the left leg to remain inside the vehicle and swapped the head for a British one with baret from a Tamiya-kit. >creates a very different look instantly.


The trailer is from Italeri’s Jeep & trailer-set and it needed a number of additions, like the tiedown hooks along the upper edge, the handbrake assembly and a box on the front. That one used to be a Pz.4 jackblock, whereas the hooks are strips cut from a sodacan. The L-profile is part of the original M60-mount, cut and sanded down and the front part of the “V” is hollowed out to represent the hollow U-shaped beams.
The load for the trailer might represent part of the setup for the stafftent of the company commander or something. I tried to make a tarp for it at first, but that kept tearing on the sharp corners…



Looking good. Nice job on the additions/mods you have made,

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My last duty station had a single forlorn M151 that the MP’s would tool around in. But every PX and AAFES Snack Bar I ever went to had the Tamiya M151 and M151 TOW models, for about $2.00 apiece (in the mid 80’s). I wish now I’d bought a big pile of the things.


I have completely forgot to update the progress on this build!!

21 june 2021;
I shot the basic colours today. I was not satisfied, because I used way to much black and German grey in relation to the brighter olivgreen. So I am in the process of touching things up with a brush. Did not fancy wrapping the hole thing up in masking tape again.
The topcover is standard Tamiya khaki.


And today’s update!

The heat of summer is all but gone, so I am at it again!!

Before going on with the M113 I want to complete the M151, so that’s where I am focusing at.

What did I do so far;
the trailer; first dark and neutral washes, reflectors painted red, washes and drybrushes on load, added national flag decal.
Touch ups are still needed.

The the M151;
The hood; washes and drybrushes. Window added from a piece of a thicker plastic bag.

The M151;
Neutral and dark washes added, national flag on the front, lights painted, interior washes, drybrushes and assembled. Window added.

It is coming together…


After the M113, this Canadian is now done too.


Nice to see another finished Ron. The trailer and stowage are very good and the M151 has been done very well. The rear canopy window was well done, gives it a good authentic look :+1:

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Lovely, understated little model Ron; just love it - Cold War perfection.

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Very nice. It came out great.

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Very nicely done. I have one on muy build stash that I want to assemble and paint as a US Army Military Police Jeep in Germany in the 60s. Like this one from the 529th MP Co.


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