CANBERRA Mk-62 of the Argentine Airforce Formerly B.2 bombers Refurbished (ex-RAF) | AeroScale

Rodolfo Melian, and his truly stunning inspirational build of the English Electric Canberra Mk-62 Formerly B.2 . In 1944, with the tide of WW2 well and truly turning, the fastest and most accurate bomber the RAF had was the twin-engined de Havilland Mosquito; unlike the 4 engine 'heavies', the lightweight Mosquito relied upon speed to avoid fighter defenses, effectively immune to attack.

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The model looks great, but what does the writeup about the WWII Mosquito fighter/bomber have to do with the Canberra bomber?



is interesting to see the variety of aircraft that the Argentine Air and Naval Forces had on their inventory. From former RAF aircraft, like the Canberra to American planes, like the A-4 Skyhawk and French Fighter planes like the Super Etendard, which was made (in)famous during the Falklands War, when one of them, armed with a French Exocet missiles, was able to sink the HMS Sheffield, as well as the M/V Atlantic Conveyor.