Cant recall the site - Vietnam Era perimeter guard tower

A few years back , I bought a Viet Nam Era perimeter guard tower. I ordered it from a site in Europe. For the life in me I can’t remember the name of the site ! The mind is the first thing to go! The site had some really nice stuff. Anyone recall a site like this ?

Was it a manufacturer site or an
online shop?

Hobby Fan did a really nice one. But I wonder if you’re not talking about the dude who shows up at the USA Nationals every year (and probably other shows) with all of his diorama bases featuring Hescos and sand bags. Reddish brown in color. I can’t rememer the name either, but quality wise I’d give it 6 out of 10.

I go to the imps shows in Conn. I think I know who your talking about, but no not him. This guy was in Europe . Thanks.

Is it this one.

What about Nam Models ?


Nope , but those are two nice sites. Thanks !!

MEC Models in the Netherlands.



I’m not sure they’re still in business…Their website is down :roll_eyes:


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YES! thats it ! THANK YOU.

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Thats it Thank you ! . THEY HAD SOME GREAT STUFF.

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I think you may be right! what a shame.