Can't upload photos suddenly

When i go to upload photos from my laptop the last two times i get an error message and to try again. i just now tried about ten times with the same results. The other day it happened to me also but on the 5th try it went through without a problem. What gives? it defeats the purpose of being able to load pix directly from the computer. I’m not doing anything different.
Also as a side note when ever i am creating a thread/topic i keep getting these pop ups -your post is similar to so and so’s post and it keeps doing it. IT is annoying and gets in the way.Is there any way to get rid of it? But the problem posting photos is my main issue,


I dragged this to my desktop. Then I used the icon in the toolbar that looks like a painting (two to the right of the quotes icon) to upload it.


Hi Joe,
What type of operating system and version are you using. As well as what browser and version are you using?

As for the suggested topics there is an X option on the right to remove it so you can see the topic preview window I think.


I had the same problem on my iPad. I am lax on the update bit so I updated and that fixed it .

I’m using Mac OS Monterey and Safari on a desktop. No problems.

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Doh… well you are fully updated with Monterey of course. :wink:

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I’ve had no problems posting photos since the move to the new site. :+1:
I mentioned my gear just as a baseline.

Click the two arrows pointing to the left to compress the preview pane.

After clicking the left arrows the pane is compressed and now there are two right facing arrows

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I have an hp with windows 10. i have not had any problems until the last two times the last week or so that i tried to upload.
as for the suggested topics it pops up while i am typing out a post. it is not needed, i don’t understand why it is even there. it has just been recently, never had the problem before the last month. did you add some upgrade or change to the program. yes i see the x in the corner of the pop up, by then it is too late. i don’t want it to pop up at all. can you remove that option, it is obviously something in the program or system and it wasn’t there originally.

Thanks Robin but that is not the issue i was talking about. every time i an typing a post and i type my topic or mention something that is simular to a topic someone else had posted in the past a window pops up saying there is a similar topic here with a link. it takes up half the screen i am typing on and i have to x it out but it keeps popping up over and over again and it is annoying.

Thanks Joe

THAT nag-popup.
“Your post is similar to xxxx since it contains an image/link/letters”

I hate it :japanese_goblin:

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I have had issues on and off. When it happens, I noticed the upload says it is uploading a .png file, even when it is a .jpg and just cycles.

Usually it happens when I try to link to a pic or trim a pick in a program and try and paste it to the thread. The work around was to save the pic to my PC, then use the upload button in the thread to upload it from the saved file instead.

YES Robin, that’s it exactly. I hate it too. is there any way to disable it? it is something recent, it wasn’t happening when the new site kicked off.

petbat- that is one issue i have not had happen. i upload all my photos, i don’t even know how to link or cut-past a photo or drag.


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