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I’m in the process of building several 1/700 US battleships and would like to include canvas canopies on the stern. My question is, has anyone found a material that can be painted and looks to scale for this endeavor? I’ve tried glue soaked tissue and sought the thinnest paper I could find to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time

First, you have to build some kind of canopy frame. If you don’t have PE for that then you should make a rudimentary support from fine wire (brass), or stretched sprue. You could even use a suitable metal screen material (nylon screening won’t work because it won’t keep it’s shape). Cigarette papers (rollies) brushed on with white glue makes good canopies.
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Sheer genius….thanks. I can’t wait to get to it and start working on it

The kind of tissue paper that is used in gift bags. Soaked in diluted PVC glue and draped over a frame. This has worked pretty well for me making tarps, blankets and simulated canvas covers.


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Excellent, thanks for your idea. I will try and find the one that works for me.

I would suggest using small Evergreen plastic rod for the framing. It reacts well with either regular plastic model glue or super glue, Also this rod is very flexible and springy so the first bump or elbow in the wrong place will not collapse your framing. The rod will usually just bounce back. (I use it for outside rearview micro stalks rather than wire as these things are always getting broken off and the Evergreen is much more forgiving.

Also as to you canvas: I would suggest giving your PVC soaked paper, after painting, a final coating of Tamiya Matte Clear (TS-80 rattle can) sprayed on very dry (can held back 18 to 24 inches) this will produce a microscopic fine rough tooth to the surface better simulating the canvas texture.

This rough texture will also very well except pigments to create slight weathering and discoloration of the canvas with age. No additional over coat will be necessary as the rough tooth of the Matte Clear will really grab and hold on to those pigments.

(Great for wood decking as well!)

As to the wood decking remark:

(Excerpt from another of my posts in the Armor category:)

I said I was going to stay with just a straight overspray of “Panzer Gray” plus some weathering for the decking. (As would be on the actual wartime trailer.)
I guess I was just fooling myself - just could not resist!

OK . . . .

  • On the left we have just a straight shot of Tamiya rattle can “Panzer Gray”.
  • In the middle the ramp has now been gone over with a thin coat of Model Masters “Dark Beige” that has been brushed on. Plus a shot of Tamiya rattle can “Matte Clear”. (TS-80)
  • On the right I have slathered on two or more coats of Citadel “Sperhiam Sepia” water based shader (stain).

p.s. The Matte Clear coat gives more of a tooth to the oil based paint so the water based stains can adhere.


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