Canvas canopy

Good day everyone
I’m in the process of building several 1/700 US battleships and would like to include canvas canopies on the stern. My question is, has anyone found a material that can be painted and looks to scale for this endeavor? I’ve tried glue soaked tissue and sought the thinnest paper I could find to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time

First, you have to build some kind of canopy frame. If you don’t have PE for that then you should make a rudimentary support from fine wire (brass), or stretched sprue. You could even use a suitable metal screen material (nylon screening won’t work because it won’t keep it’s shape). Cigarette papers (rollies) brushed on with white glue makes good canopies.
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Sheer genius….thanks. I can’t wait to get to it and start working on it

The kind of tissue paper that is used in gift bags. Soaked in diluted PVC glue and draped over a frame. This has worked pretty well for me making tarps, blankets and simulated canvas covers.


Excellent, thanks for your idea. I will try and find the one that works for me.