Captured Italian M13/40 in Australian Service

This is my representation of an Italian Fiat Ansaldo M13/40 captured
at the Battle of Bardia by the Australian 6th Division.
It is the old Italeri offering in 1:35 scale. I don’t usually build in this scale but the
kit came real cheap at the LHS as the decals were missing.
Made my own on the home inkjet printer.
I am not particularly a fan of Italian armor but I just loved the Kangaroos that the
Aussies painted on after its capture.
Hope you enjoy and like.



Nice work. Did you use decals or a stencil?

Hi Greg,
Thanks for liking.
I purchased this kit without decals and went on to make my own.

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Love the big Kangaroos! This is very unique and very cool Joe! Extra points for making your own decals. We won’t be seeing too many of these!

Thanks Tom for looking in and your comments,
Have a great day!

Agreed the history and kangaroo markings help make this an outstanding striking model!

I’ve never built an Italian tank from WW2 but this makes me want too:)

Hi Wade,
Thanks for looking in and comments. This tank sat on my shelf unfinished
for over 15 years until one day I came across a photo with the tank and
its Australian markings, so I went on finished it and painted it and
added the Kangaroos.

Really nice build Joe, love everything about it. I remember reading about this battle many years ago, and the story stuck with me. Thank you for sharing it with us. Best regards…Dale

Thank you Dale, for liking and comments,


Neat! Would you tell us more about printing the white 'roo decals? Any other details on the brand and model of the printer and any other info on the ink and decal paper you used?

Hi Mike,
The process was rather simple.
I created a blank file and converted it to a blank blue color then from a
second file of the roos, I copied and pasted this on the blue background,
thus now I have white roos on a blue background and printed that on
a very old HP printer using white Testor decal paper. Once dry and
protected with a gloss varnish, I cut out the roos with a exacto blade
et voila…white Kangaroos!

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Very well done Joe. The finish and weathering is outstanding.

But, it is missing the bullet holes in the roo…no wait…that was our street signs before gun laws were introduced… :clown_face:

The real thing:

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Hi Peter,
Now that is really funny!
Thanks for looking and your compliments,
Have a great day!

Brilliant! Thanks for the idea!