Car modeling - Might start something new .. I did

Hi everyone,

I usually build Tanks, APC’s and some Aircraft but never jumped into Car Modelling, despite my love for Rally, F1, LeMans, IndyCar and other Sports Cars.
Today at my LHS I spotted one Lancia Stratos and a Lancia 037, from my youth passion for Rally… I almost cracked. I might get them this year.

Any advice on what to expect building cars with no track record on building them ?
Are these Hasegawa kits any good ?

Thanks for the help.

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Cars are usually divided into two categories curb side (no engine or partial covering) and full engine. Lots of times it’s priced accordingly. Like aircraft or armor, within any good company you can have a few duds. I think overall Hasegawa is a good model company. Depending on the mold, it can be long in the tooth with newer decals. I think their white decals leave most people wanting.

Like other genres, I think it will come down to the boxing your looking at to the best help.

Both cars mentioned where first molded after 2000 and have a few boxings.


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I am not a car modeler either, but I like the look of the Lancia Stratos! Very interesting shape!


Well … got these two kits yesterday… just couldn’t resist


It’s going to be one of those things where you just jump in Nito. All of us who are here will be able to help you along the way if you’ve got any questions. As with all modeling, research of what to look out for in kit construction is a must to avoid any pitfalls but this is probably something that you are familiar with already.
I will say that seam/ mold lines & ejector pin marks are the devil on a car body and related body parts. I’ve seen a TON of perfectly painted cars with a mold or seam line and to me, those stand out like a bloody nose on an auto build. Looking forward to seeing you take this genre on pal. If you need anything just reach out, Joe


Great to have you here on the shiny side Nito, we haven’t had a lot of the Hasegawa Rally kits built up lately so it will be a fun project to follow.

As Joe said, jump on in and enjoy the builds, just pay some extra attention to the body looking for mold lines and you’re all good. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here, everybody will give you whatever help they can.

Cheers, D

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Thanks Joe !!!

I will start the Stratos soon, if I have any questions I’ll post them.
I’m pretty sure I will have a lot…

Thanks Damian !!
I will start the Stratos soon.
Maybe I’ll do a Build Log since I will have a ton of questions for sure.


Yup… I started the Stratos


I’ve been working slowly on the Lancia.
Rear suspension and chassis.

Stay tuned for another update soon.


Started working on the interior bits


Some more progress.