Caravelle and concorde from the gift set "la légende heller" at 1/100 scale

Hello, I got this kit for my birthday and started the concorde some week ago. The livery will be a what if mix of the 1st and 2nd prototype and the decals will be adapted for a 1964 variant. I already did the fuselage and nose (I’ll have to modify some part to have a correct dropped nose), didn’t had much difficulty beside maintening the fuselage in place using scotch. The kit has a lot of injetion mark but sanding them doesn’t bother me much. Got some molding issue on one wing but they don’t seem that hard to fix, here are pic of the fuselage and the nose:

The 1964 project

from AIR ET COSMOS - Septembre 1964 - Concorde ! Description générale (I) – CAP AVENIR CONCORDE
The box:
The caravelle will be base on a air france ad showing the prototype in a air france livery with difference to the real one

Assembled the engines wich are quite detailed for a kit from the 60’ and started assembling the wing with the lower wing first

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While I’m sanding it, here are picture showing it after I added the putty . Now it look much better but still need lots of work.