Carnifex(Not the band) Getting ahead on my figures!

Early Imperial Roman legionary 28mm Victrix figure at a calm, peaceful, and untroubled stream.


Tried some simple Woodland CLEAR water effects with a acrylic Gesso on painted Styrofoam base.


Your carnifex is great and obviously pretty good at his job

The water experiment looks successful. The clarity and reflections in the stream turned out very well. Did the Gesso creep up the sides of the rocks and figure much?

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Thank you Colin! No creep on the Gesso as I used the medium or thicker version. The real challenge was sealing a lip of tape for the resin pour. First 2 part resin pour leaked, but it is no problem adding an additional layer later. That did leave a “water mark” on the rocks of 2 part resin after the initial drain off. Thanks for looking.

You’ve managed to pack a great deal of detail into such a small piece. The metal armor really stands out nicely as do the gory details! I have to agree with @Colder as the stream looks spot-on.

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Yes, a very successful water effect. That close up shot looks 1:1. Well done

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Thank you Karl! I like the little Victrix figures a lot. They provide a lot of options to mix and match arms and … well…heads. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Well done that looks great, I wish I could do something that small.

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Thank you Robert. Just practice, right? I wish you much enjoyment ahead as you get small!