Carpathian Lancers Sherman Is

The Carpathian Lancers supposedly had M4 (Sherman I) at the end of hostilities. What would the source of them be? Were they survivors from early allotments or were they remanufactured ones used to fill Lend Lease requirements? ( I read somewhere that the Brits were not keen on the 76mm Shermans, so when production of the 75mm ones ended a bunch of various versions of the 75mms from various sources were “zero houred” to fill Brit requirements) So … what color? (Rebuilds, US OD. Survivors Light Mud/ Blue Black.) What turret? (old TC hatch only or rebuilt D50878 turrets with loaders hatch.) And what color would the bin the Brits added to the back of the turret be? SCC15?

I don’t know the answer but it’s my understanding that British lend lease vehicle unmodified where OD as delivered and if modified was repainted SCC15.


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That is my understanding too, except ones to North Africa / Italy were repainted. NA was light stone/ portland with a camo color. (or some where camoed using the Light stone/portlandfactory colors as a pattern over the US OD.) Starting in Sicily the Brits used Light Mud with Blue Black camo. I think after late 43 they were left US OD (I know the M4A1(76)s the South Africans got in 44 were left the factory color. I’m not sure how old the Poles 75mm Shermans were (Seems they had M4A2 and A4s at the time on Monte Cassino. And some 105mm gunned ones.) or the provenance of them. Allegedly they had M4s and M4A1s in 45/46. (Photo: Sheman V AOP. 6th South African Armored Div. 1944. Italy. Light Mud/ Blue Black camo. )

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