Cat and Mouse - LRDG and Compagnie Auto-Avio Sahariane

I am creating a diorama which infers the clashes between the LRDG and Compagnie Auto-Avio Sahariane in Libya during WW2.

I used the the desert pink and green camo that has been mentioned in a number of publications for the LRDG jeep. The jeep is a combination of Tamiya’s SAS jeep and Willy’s jeep as I wanted to build and show the engine compartment also.

Italian vehicle and figures to follow…

Inspiration for diorama from this photo…

1/35 Camionetta AS 42 Sahariana – ITALERI 6452


Welcome aboard. Nice looking Jeep. :+1:
Look forward to seeing the rest of the project.

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That’s a great pairing! Do you have figures to go with these two vehicles?

Thanks, Stikpusher. 6 figures. 1 more to finish.

Here is one in-situ… will touch things up when the other LRDG figure is added.


I really like the vehicle very nice weathering and the figure looks very nice

Nicely done man , always trying to figure out how to pose an open hood to show an excellent engine in a dio , Broncos jeep , Takoms , scratch etc.

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Thanks, glad you like it.

Yeah, a bit tricky to show the bonnet fully open in this case so a reasonable compromise.

These pictures of Libya were my inspiration for the colouring of the diorama and I also wanted to experiment with making a rock face…


It wouldn’t fit in my lightbox, so apologies for the rough shots. Anyway, here is the final scene…


Really like the way you have presented the two builds and figures. :+1: :+1:

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Nicely done man !!!

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Excellent work Jeremy! You’ve done a fantastic job on the entire diorama. A very unique way to display the vehicles and figures, you don’t see this very much at all. Everything looks great from the figures to the vehicle and ground work. Outstanding!

Excellent execution!! You’ve even got the obligatory “Officer pointing” ! Twice even in the same dio! I also love the fact that you left the fuel cans off the hood of the Jeep in order to raise it up. Those cans are forty plus pounds when full and nobody is going to stick their head in there with that kind of weight on the hood. At least not more than once. Nice job!

Thanks very much. It was a challenging diorama to conceptualise and build.

Thanks,Buta46. Ha, yes, pointing figures. Not very inspiring choice of pose. Probably ok for the LRDG figure but I couldn’t think of how to illustrate the interaction between the two Italians to also reflect they didn’t know where the ‘prey’ they were chasing was…

Oh that turned out great! I was wondering how the cat & mouse theme came into play, but the setting really nails it! What figures did you use for the Italians? I have the 47mm armed version of this vehicle and am looking for some figures to crew it.

I think it’s the perfect pose for this one. Maybe fists on hips in exasperation, but finger point certainly works for this as well

Thanks Stikpusher. Yeah, a lack of choice for Italian figures. The driver is completely scratch-built with Hornet head, and the other three are from Masterbox 35144, two heavily reworked and with Hornet heads and new arms and the officer only slightly modified and with original head from set.

Yes, Buta46, good idea, hands on hips would have been better to show exasperation…

Very cool way of presenting both sides of the conflict

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