Cave Troll

Hi, I’m presented my second design-a Cave Troll, made in ZBrush and printed on my printer. For comparison I put a 75mm dwarf from Scale75. Ready to prime and paint :slight_smile:

Hope you like it, cheers!


Looks very good and lovely painted dwarf.

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Looks great. Wait the dwarf is 75mm? Dang the troll must be big.

Have you thought about entering the Figure campaign? Wow you've got a great figure!
If not the troll would work.

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The dwarf is Broin Bearsonn BROIN BEARSONN - Scale75 Between history and legend
I have many figures unpainted, including 1/35 military, so why not, I will take a look :slight_smile:


Hmmm…looks like the cave troll that attacked the Fellowship in The Chamber of Marzarbul! :thinking:
:grinning: :canada:


Indeed, it was inspired from the scene :slight_smile:

I know this is from February but I’ve just now seeing this. Cool figure. Your printer captures detail well. The chain, face, and teeth. The troll is probably around 10mm (4") tall?

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If the dwarf is around 3" tall, then the troll must be at least 6" - 8" inches tall! :dizzy_face:
:grin: :canada:

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Maybe but I was assuming that the Dwarf in 75mm scale is approx 2".

OIC! :+1:
:grin: :canada:

The dwarf is 75mm scale (1/24), but it is dwarf, so it is shorter-55-60mm. Th troll is around 120mm :wink:

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120mm is a good figure size. MasterBox’s, Bergtroll, is around that size

Excellent work.

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Thank you! Now I have to find a time to paint it finally :smile:

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The Dwarf is painted well with very fine detail

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It occurred to me that LOTR’s cave troll appeared to be at least 10’ - 12’ tall. The size of this one (120 mm) might work better with 54 mm figures.
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Can be printed bigger :wink: