CCKW 353 1:35 Tamiya "Red Ball Express"

Hi, my next model on this forum, CCKW 353 from Tamiya, out of the box + green stuff canvas.
There will also be wooden chest and barrels. :slight_smile:


Nice work, Michał!
I like the addition of the convoy sign, it adds a nice touch to your very nice build.

Very nice paint job and weathering…really like it!

Ooh, very nice.

Very cool. Great paint job there.

Great work¡

Excellent work, I like very much!

Fantastic job,one to be proud of for sure. Thank you for sharing with us.Best regards…Dale

Hi Michal,

you made a very nice model! But the Tamiya TRUCK, 2.5 TON, 6X6, GMC CCKW 352 & 353 has more potential! I prefer to show “Steering” at the front axle! It brings some action to truck models!

In a struggle for 9 months a had build the Tamiya truck with hard top cab, steel cargo bed, MACHINE GUN MOUNT for TRUCKS, M32 and banjo axles.

The machine gun mount is scratch build. My first impression was, to use the old Italeri machine gun mount of their GMC 2.5 TON! But disillusionment hit me, when I saw the tree trunks that the Italeri machine gun mount was supposed to represent!

See the result.


TRUCK, 2.5 TON, 6X6, GMC CCKW 353 w hard top, steel cargo bed and banjo axles, Front, pic 2|666x500

machine gun mount was supposed to represent. Absolutely crab! So I decided to build the M32 mount of evergreen profiles

I show you the result!

The whole truck looks great but really like the job you did with the canvas cargo cover.

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Two very different vehicles being posted by different authors on the same page? Seems a bit odd. :thinking: