Centurion - Vintage TAMIYA 1:25 Scale - Figures needed

Hi all, long time that I did not post anything here. I am just doing a restoration on an old TAMIYA Centurion. The first wheel was broken, but for some reason I had some spare parts in my stash. It is normally not my scale, but I remember having purchased some leftover parts ages ago. I even have two crew figures. Now my question: does anybody out there have such figures? I am searching two more to complete the crew of my tank.
Let me know if you can help he. Thanks! Stephan

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I don’t have any figures from the kit but you might be interested in the 1:24 figures available here:

Pair of Soldiers - Relaxed Working Dress & Mechanic - 1/24th Scale (75 – Kit Form Services Ltd

You may have to backdate them a bit depending on when and where your Cent is situated, but just a thought.

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I don’t have any figures, but i built that kit many years ago. It was still one of my favorite builds of all time! Great kit!

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