Certificate issue

My Anti-Virus (Kaspersky) just reported “www.armorama.com” as being an insecure site, due to a certificate error. It’s usually pretty good at detecting issues like that. Just an FYI.

I reported on this issue before but this is actually a bit of an internal industry thing. I have a fully valid certificate that is compliant and obviously works in all browsers but it is issued by a company that issues certificates for free, and some security groups don’t like this fact that they issue them for free so they are flagging them as potential security risks when clearly they are not. In reality you don’t need a security app to tell you there’s a problem with a certificate. Client browsers do this automatically and they spend a lot of time making sure that these functions work properly. So that’s about all I have to say about that.

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for the issue but it’s really more on these ‘security’ industry experts as they seem to want to cause problems for companies that want to offer basic SSL certificates at no cost.