CH-54 Rotorhead

So, I have the big 1/35 kit and look forward to starting it…someday. Looking through the instructions, I noticed that the top of the rotorhead has a clear part in the center, part K8 is clear.

On the 1:1, is there a piece of glass up here, or is it just an open donut. I have looked at walkarounds and on some photos, you can definitely see through the top of the rotorhead center. Not sure if this is actually open, or clear glass, or whatever.


Not sure why it is clear, an inspection port of some type I assume, but it is clear on the actual rotor head. You can look right up through it on the below pics.

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Yeah, those were some of the pics I was finding as well. Is it a clear piece up there, or is it just an opening? As “clear” as those appear, I would assume it is just open air, nothing in there. I would imagine it would be difficult to keep a clear piece up there that clean.

Unfortunately I’m not home to look at my walkaround I took of the one at Camp Shelby. I’m sure by the time I am home someone will have Googled better photos to give you a difinitive answer.

I get the impression that sunlight reflected off the shiny metal parts of the rotor assembly is reflected again on “something” inside the white ring. The reflection on the white surface seems to continue into the opening.

The sky inside the opening is also lighter than outside, as if “something” inside the opening is catching and reflecting light

There are rotors with a solid “cap”

There are also rotors with a clear piece

that can be removed for inspection

I think the kit provides this type of rotorhead, notice the flange in the photo

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Smaller clear centerpiece??

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On this one (CH-54A at the Pima Air & Space Museum - Tucson, AZ ) the clear part is apparently broken…

and here you can see some scratches on the clear part (S-64 Skycrane)…Courtesy of the sun :wink:



Thanks everyone! I am no engineer, I just thought this as an odd place for a clear piece.

Provides access for visual inspection while still being a closed cover?

I suppose. It just seems odd I guess.

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It would be an easy way to check the vertical position of the rotors on the shaft or the bearings etc

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