Challenger 1 inspiration requested

@Marc: Thanks. It was intended to be close to OOB, I dunno what happened… All the mesh is from the Eduard PE for the Challenger Mk3 kit, I think it’s set # 35332. It’s got a lot of useful stuff in it, and a lot of stuff that’s maybe not so useful but it’s cheap as PE goes. I’m actually looking for another one, figured I’d use the MK3 kit for something TBD.
I did purchase the download from AFV Modeller of John’s build but it won’t download. Bummer.

Question; for a IFOR / SFOR Cr1 would the Bowman antenna set 3520 be applicable ?

No - you need the Clansman set SMM3527. Bowman came in AFTER CR2 came into service.

SMM also stocks Echelon and Star decals for CR1.

If you do a Cr2 in the future - Ref the Bowman system - Cr2 pre 2005 would be Clansman, after 2005 they all got refitted with Bowman over a retro fit program

Thanks gents ! I also have the Cr2 desertised sitting next to me so I’d better order both sets :wink:

@Michael_Shackleton, exactly that’s where I found them :innocent:


Small update.
In the mean time, I received some nice parts and decals sets from SMM so I am good to go with the build. Not completely decided exactly which IFOR / SFOR wagon to go for but I will open another build topic to show some progress and make the final decision on which exact tank.

And as I couldn’t resist after seeing so many interesting KFOR Cr1’s with the added armour, I also ordered another Tamiya Cr1. :innocent:


Looking forward to it Marc :+1:

The link to the build topic;