Challenger 2 TOGS question

G’day all

This weekend I decided to get back into my RFM CR2 kit. I’m at step A9, putting the gun sight together. RFM doesn’t provide any specific colour notes during the build stages so could someone please help me out with the lens colour of the clear piece (T11) that slots into the back of the sight’s front plate? My immediate thought is that it would be a clear red to simulate the anti-laser coating modern AFV optics have, but not 100%. And what about the surround of the actual lens?


Every photo I have seen it looks black. Paint the rear of the lens black, not the front and let the clear plastic give it that glassy look.


Pretty much what Peter said above.

Although this is a close up of a Cr1 TOGs TISH it’s near enough the same

Cheers boys