Challenger 2 track question

Having sorted out the painting of the clear plastic insert for the TOGS on my RFM Cr2, I’ve turned to the track.
I’ve had a look online but I’m not sure…does the Challenger 2 have a rubber track pad on the inside of the track i.e. where the road wheels run. The one photo I’ve looked at shows this area of the track with a dark ‘run’ but I’m not sure if this is actually rubber pads or discolouration from the constant movement of the road wheels along the track run


Shaun, there are small rubber inserts that show on the inside edge of the track links. They are basically the inner facing edge from the main part you see on the front of the pad that hits the road.

Images from online and for reference only.

I would just shine the inner surface that the road wheels run against as the black rubber ends up shiny after a while and it’s hard to distinguish :+1:

Thanks Johnnie. Those were the photos I had come across. But there is one there that I hadn’t seen before that helps me out immensely in terms of how the inner track faces look


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