Chally 3

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So Scottcast makes a resin conversion turret for the Challenger 3 but missing is mounting for the RWS. In fact I haven’t seen any photos of one with it-albeit I’ve only seen limited photos anyways. Has anyone out there seen actual photos of this arrangement or is it simply the same as the Challenger 2?

Thank you in advance!

From the known photos of the Chally 3 and information, no mention of a RWS being fitted to the turret , unless it has changed…

Yep, all the info I’ve seen, there’s been no RWS…
Maybe Scottcast has it correct?

Yep this is true. Never meant to cast dispersions on Scottcast just found it interesting that on a modern tank there wouldn’t be a RWS

How about this, the many iterations of Challenger…

Just for info, the 3 Ch2’s there are demo tanks. And the Berlin cam is a complete mock up regarding the turret additions. If Ch3 has any form of RWS’s it would probably be a TES level addition only and not for being fitted at all times.

Thank you for the updates!!!

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