Change of scenery

I recently read the thread about burnout, particularly in regards to armor modeling. Very good read and great advise. I was suffering with the same problem. I decided to change my genre (just for a bit) so Sunday I made this small diorama. Hope everyone is doing well.


Nice vignette.

I was suffering from burnout on plastic modeling and switched over to wooden ship modeling. Then I got burned out on that. I think the carpet monster ate my mojo along with all those tiny missing parts…


I do the same thing- Warhammer figs are a great way to change things up a bit. I started doing them a year or two ago to practice odd colors and effects for some larger Sci-Fi busts and I really enjoyed it so I always have a few in the stash now for a nice change of direction when its needed.

The colors you’ve gone for on the fig really suit the scene as your eyes are immediately drawn to the red bits and then you can see the various details that are really well painted and embellished. The foliage is awesome looking too- what sort of products did you use for them?

Oh now there is the awesome part. I bought fish tank scenery. Super cheap. Then cut out what I want to use. Only important part is that you need to prime and paint them. As is they look really unrealistic. Thanks for the kind words.

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Thanks for replying- really fantastic use of a product like fish tank scenery- you learn something new everyday on this forum :+1:!