Changed callsign / username

I just changed callsign/username from Robin_Nilsson to Uncle_Heavy.
I am an uncle and I am definitely heavy at 280 pounds / 128 kg

CMOT will know where I got the name from …


It’s a pity, I’m used to the old one. At least don’t change your avatar. Although in any case, you can be recognized by talkativeness.
PS. I have a little less weight, but I am puzzled by its decrease - it became difficult to look for fallen parts on the floor.

The ugly face is still the same …

It is you who offend yourself. I am not an expert on male faces, but since there are children, it means that someone liked this face.

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Sounds like a C-17 callsign… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I already noticed this :slight_smile:
I take it that the same grumpyness applies, too? :wink:


Some days are better than others …

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A rose by any other name. . . :grin: :grin:

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