Chechnya - RU soldiers - 1:35 figures - help

Hi Guys,

I am looking for 1:35th scale russian soldiers figure from Chechnya, soldier who could accompany a BTR ( can be standing next to it, sitting on it etc). Do You have any idea who made something like that? I found 1 set ( 2 soldiers - one is dead) and that’s it. All the other sets from 80/90s period are rather Afghanistan. I would apprieciate any help!

Look at some of Zvezda’s figures. Their Spetznaz or “Polite People” sets might have something that fits your needs.

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There are a few sets by Evolution.

I’m guessing this is the set you already found.

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There are also Tank brand figures, too. I’m looking for their website now…

It appears the company has gone, but hobbyeasy has a number of their figures in stock.hth.

@Newtonk- as far as I know they are owned by the same person that owns/runs LiveResin and used to be available from their sales page but they cannot accept payments at the minute due to the sanctions on Russia. As you mentioned though, some websites here and there might have stock.

@Przemyslaw_Lechowicz - TANK do several figures you may find useful- you can use the Scalemates website to see the complete TANK range.

The figure you show is this figure, that I listed above.

If it is from eBay and not showing a box or name, it may be a re-caster.