Chernobyl #6 Feat Of Divers | Armorama™

Here we take a look at three of the heroes of the Chernobyl disaster from ICM in 1/35th scale.

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Outstanding subject matter :clap:

ICM produces unique products of interesting historical significance.

The three divers are true heroes in my opinion, real heros.

The Chernobyl divers consisted of senior engineer Valeri Bespalov, the mechanical engineer Alexei Ananenko and shift supervisor Boris Baranov who all volunteered to go into the plant and open the sluice gates. “They weren’t really divers."


From the HBO series maybe…


These figures can have Post-apocalyptic and quasi-sci-fi potential as well.


Yes, that’s already my idea with this set :alien: :skull: :robot:

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I was hoping I could utilise them as a recce team for a river crossing, as per those massive Sov exercises in the 60s/70s; perhaps at the river’s edge - reeds and all that - and say, a BRDM in the background. I must admit to no idea as to the appropriateness of the suits shown for what I’ve described.

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Isn’t there a Taco Bell in Moscow? These figures could be used for hazmat cleanup.