Chevron vs 'Big Foot' Tracks on Abrams Tank

Roughly when were chevron-tread tracks replaced by the ‘Big Foot’ type on the Abrams tank? Am I correct in thinking that only the M1 and early M1A1 were fitted with the earlier pattern?


My unit (The 3rd ACR) deployed to Saudi Arabia with M1A1’s with the chevron tracks in August 1990 and we got New/replacement tanks equipped the big foot tracks on December 29th1990. The 3rd ACR was the first CONUS/stateside unit to get the M1A1. Prior to getting the new tanks we had never seen the big foot track


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As for the question, the new tracks were fielded right around 1990-91 (maybe slightly earlier in Europe) coinciding with the Gulf War. Everything prior to that, M1, M1IP, and early M1A1 used the rubber chevron track. I’m sure Gino knows the official date for the roll out, as well as the name of the different tracks, but for soldiers in the field, that’s when we saw them.

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The reason I ask is that Revell have recently released a 1/72-scale M1A1 AIM (SA) / M1A2 Abrams, with camo and markings for an Australian Army version. It would appear that the kit is simply a re-boxing of their earlier Abrams, complete with chevron-pattern tracks, and without modifications for the Australian version. Photos that I have of Oz Abrams all show them with the ‘Big Foots’ tracks.


@tankerken Ken is correct. Right around '90-'91 is when the tracks started changing. The chevron block are T156, the square pad “bigfoot” are T158. The latest version which are square pad, but with open center guide teeth and lighter are T158LL. Aussie M1A1 SA tanks have T158LL tracks.

It does look like Revell just rehashed their old kit w/Aussie decals and none of the other mods for them.

Thanks for that … as I thought, Revell sold us short on that one!!