Chevy '59 El Camino

Time for another shelf queen to hit the bench in my “Great 2023 War on WIP”!

This time it’s the '59 El Camino by AMT in 1/25 scale.

I think I started tinkering with this one about 5 or 6 years ago, and got as far as putting the engines (both options . . . . . because!) together as well as the front end assembly.

I’m going to go with a custom version on this one, lowered, big Cadillac engine with bonnet scoop, hard rear cover with chrome hand rails.

The instructions are fun, no part numbers relating to the sprues, just a numbered sequence of assembly. :roll_eyes: :thinking:

First up I need to clean up the parts, cut out the hood for the air scoop, then on to a bit of priming. I need to do some research on the Cadillac engine colour as well. Probably similar to the Pontiac Blue.

Cheers, D


I built one of the more recent boxings about six months ago; I went stock. I like the gray plastic; mine was in white and it had a lot of release agent still on it. Made it look like someone dropped the sprues in a pile of dirt.

What about those hydraulic lifts? Will you use those?

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I decided to go down a different path on this build, I assembled the front end and the rear end before painting the whole lot together. I left off the sway arm, shocks and tail shaft as they won’t be black.

The interior is basic black with some silver highlights, handpainted with Vallejo Metal Color Chrome.

The engine block, shocks and tail shaft were painted SMS Bright Blue.

I going to have a go at a highly polished timber bed in the tray. Some nice details in there if I can bring it to life how I imagine.

Chrome blower and pre-wired distributor all installed, just need to run the wiring next.

I’ve decided on a nice bright yellow for the body colour, with a flat black cover on the back to contrast the chrome rails and trim.

Cheers, D


Some progress has been made on the El Camino, body parts in primer waiting for wet sanding. I used Mr Surfacer 1000 for the base primer coat, once it’s sanded out I will follow up with Mr Surfacer 1500.

I’ve decided on Yellow for the body colour on this one, now I just need to decide which yellow :thinking: :roll_eyes: :thinking: :grin:

I’ve also fixed the ignition leads in place, just need to lay them out neatly and maybe put a couple of frames on them.

And yes, I did find the correct firing order :rofl:


Cheers, D


Interesting build for sure. The big GM Cadillac engine with the blower surely would have put out a ton of HP/Torque. But without an air cleaner, the engine would be on borrowed time. Don’t ask me how I learned that lesson could me a ton of cash to correct.
Looking forward to seeing the El Camino in all it’s glory wearing the gloss Yellow paint.

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Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long Joel :sunglasses:

SMS School Bus Yellow won the job!

And me being me I just had to do a quick test fit to see if the reality matches the vision.

The timber bed in the back is a base coat of SMS German Sand Yellow with random light patches of SMS RAAF Earth, finished off with Tamiya Clear Orange. I will pick out the bolt heads later with chrome.

Happy with the progress so far, a few spots on the body to sand out and repaint but nothing major.

Cheers, D


Wow, D, the yelloooow looks so nice! :sunglasses:

I like your color choice for the bed too!


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The School Bus Yellow really came out perfect as that mile deep shine is already visible. Excellent choice of color for the wood road bed. Just don’t forget to paint those bolts.

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Hey folks. Apologies for the looooooong break, severe lack of mojo for quite a while now and very little bench time to speak of :disappointed:

I have been tinkering with the El Camino over the last couple of days and made some progress. The engine ignition wiring is done, although I still need to get it sitting a bit lower as it interferes with the bonnet fit. The engine assembly is fixed in place. The headers are painted up and installed, that was a heap of fun to get them lined up after the engine was fixed in place :rofl: and I have assembled the wheels. Almost ready to get the rolling chassis tidied up and some weathering on the engine and underside.

Hope to have some more work done over this weekend.

Cheers, D


The mojo magic is back !!

The engine looks fantastic. Love the wiring. And those multiple single header pipes. I can only imagine what they would actually sound like on a real street car.

That yellow is really sharp and spot on for your Chevy.

Looking really nice👍


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Finally managed to get a decent block of time and some mojo and did a bunch of masking :sunglasses:
I masked off the chrome trim on this build, the '57 Bel Air Convertible, and the '65 Foose Impala all together. Hours of masking for about 15 minutes of airbrushing :crazy_face: Masking with yellow tape over yellow paint . . . seriously . . . what was I thinking :rofl:

The '59 El Camino is definitely the most complex masking I have ever attempted, and after 24 hours curing I shot the chrome trims with Alclad Aqua Gloss to protect against my grubby mitts. Another 24 hours then carefully unmasked. Really happy with the result here. Just a few small touch-ups required :grin:

Yep, really happy with this one :grin: :grin: :grin:

Cheers, D


As you should be, the work has payed off. :+1::+1:

Fantastic work Damian. The chrome work looks stunning.

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Hilarious! :rofl:
But seriously folks… that’s some really eye-catching paint work! :art::paintbrush:


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Thanks guys!

Started some assembly, got the rear tray installed and fitted the tailgate. I will leave this alone for a while to cure fully before I go any further.

Cheers, D


The paint work is outrageous, following til the end.

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Steve, it never ends mate. Every time an old Chevy gets close to completion another one hits the bench :crazy_face:

Cheers, D


Excellent!! Your masking has sure paid off… :+1:


Yeah, this is our pain, D! But never complain - we wanted it that way … :grin:
Fabulous paint job! :+1: :+1: