Chewcaaes prices are ridiculously low ! lots of red flags ! anyone have any experience?

as low as $5 average. about 7!BEWARE.

Yeah! Smells like a scam to me. Is this an eBay seller or something?

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Yeah I thought so too. Not ebay saw it one Facebook… ''credits cards only "


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If he took PayPal, would you do it then?

At least with PayPal, you get buyer protection. Still; I prefer to purchase my kits from reputable retailers. I buy a lot from eBay, but it’s from big outfits, like Burbank House of Hobbies, BNA Model World, Sprue Brothers etc…


I remember a few years back on another modeling site someone found a too-good-to-be-true ebay auction where the seller had a new aircraft kit (I think it may have been one of the TAMIYA 1/32 Corsairs) and was offering them for stupid cheap – less than $40 I believe.

Several people decided to take a chance on the buyer protection and ordered kits and then waited. Well, the boxes arrived and people got things like USB cables and phone charger blocks, but no kits. Ebay held to their word and reimbursed those who took the risk and I guess banned the seller’s account.

So, with a guarantee I might take a shot. But I do tend to buy from the same vendors over and over once I’ve established trust. Besides, do prices vary so drastically that you need to keep looking for new sellers anyway? I find most of the Chinese ones all ask the same price anyway or close to it. The only time I look up someone new is if I need something not carried by my main suppliers.


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Here’s the video:



Placed an order. CC payment currently listed as"Pending".


Good luck.

Keep us posted-thanks

Don’t most of us have enough kits in our stash that we need to take a big risk?
“if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.”
BTW, where is this “vendor” from?


NO I I wouldn’t

Well I just wanted to give you a heads up !
I wouldn’t give them my CCinfo .