Chieftain Antenna Length

In reality, what would be the length of the antennas on a Chieftain tank fitted with the Clansman radio system?


Two metres. They come in two parts each being a metre long. You can use one section only as a battle antenna but it’s trade off with reduced range.

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Many thanks. I needed to know for certain,
as I am nearing completion of a 1/72-scale
model of the Chieftain, the antennas being
the final addition.



Two follow up questions regarding the Clansman antennas.
1, would those same 2 meter antennas also be used on 91 Gulf War AFVs?
2, are those antennas constant diameter for full length or tapering from a wide base to narrow tip?

Yes, they were the same antennas from when Clansman radios came into service in about 1976 until finally brought out of service in around 2010, on all vehicle types.

The bottom section was pretty much the same width along it’s length whilst the upper section had a small bulge immediately after the threads and then tapered to a small plastic end on the very tip.

The pic below shows two lower sections on the outside and the two upper sections on the inside with a top and bottom view.


Thank you for the helpful reply Maximus.