Chinese Iwata clones did you get one

I’m interested in finding people who got those cheaper Chinese Iwata copies and find out if they really work as good as good as they sound

I bought one a few years ago and it works well enough although I don’t spray a huge amount due to my glacial build pace.

Worth stripping it down and polishing the needle before use as some can be a bit rough but some are probably better than others. Mine had the nozzle screwed on at a wonky angle, for example! For the £15 I paid, it was decent value (I do have a Hi Line for more precise work too).

Thanks for the info have a great day

Yup I generally have at least 2 in my tool box. I often find them to be everybit as good as the real deal tbh. OK, they wont last as long but spares are a heck of a lot cheaper.
I find myself defaulting to these most of the time. My Iwata’s & H&S haven’t been used for more than 3 brief painting sessions over the last 2 years

That’s great, i was thinking they should be good for over sprays like base colors and gloss and dull coats. Thanks for the info

Prospero, I would say with the right settings they’d be good also beyond just base and varnish coats. As with everything- a bit of practicing should see it right.

Thanks be great if they work better than expected, thanks for your time and info