Chinese PLA ZTZ 99A

Both Border and Hobby Boss make this kit in 1/35th. Any preferences between the two kits? I have never built a Hobby Boss kit so I have nothing to compare the two kits. I believe the Border kit is the newer kit.

Some Hobby Boss kits have been a little less than satisfying, some worse and some less bad.
Sometimes the details are a bit soft around the edges.
Both Border and HB give you indy-link tracks BUT the solution chosen by Border uses four parts
per link while HB has only one. The issue with a single part is that the pin connectors on
double-pin tracks need to be angled when the track bends around the wheels.
Doing it as one single part means that the track will look f*** ugly around the sprocket and idler.
The solution by Border is vastly preferable (both pin connectors and the two pins are one part which gets sandwiched between 1 + 2 parts for the actual track link.
I would go for the Border model.

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If the price is not an issue go for the Border model kit. It has better wheels and overall details. Also the tracks, despite being more time consuming to build, are workable and can be painted separately. The HB tracks need to be glued together and after gluing they tend to break up.

The border kit also provides two choices of camo and markings compared to the single one by HB

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You could look at the directions and parts over at JP1999’s site and get a feeling what the two kits are like.

Panda Hobby also has one. It is one of their better kits actually and it might also be an option for you?
I had very little trouble building mine…

FYI: their second kit with the laser countermine system might have a crooked gun barrel…mine had one. (hid it with a camo net)

FWIW - Bought the Hobby Boss ZTZ 99A as a new release, wasn’t impressed so got rid of the kit. If I rolled the dice again on a ZTZ 99A, would try the Border kit.

I’ve got that kit.
What didn’t you like about it?

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Dan, I have think was a while back…wasn’t happy with the tracks, maybe punch parts, detail molding was fair. I believe it was mostly track related…was a while back ~

Bias also - I didn’t like the plastic because it reminded me of late 80’s Dragon - that’s not fair to Hobby Boss.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the kit now.
At the time I wanted a Chinese tank for a change of pace and now it sits quietly on the shelf