Chinook HC2

Chinook HC2, work in progress,


Watch those blades Frank, they’ll have your eye out mate :grin:


Put somewhere safe, I hope.


Looking good. What kit/scale is it?

I like the rear view like a tunnel ! :+1:

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1/48 italeri no2779


Looks good Frank. :+1:

What paint scheme are you going with or are the Brits like the US will a solid one tone paint scheme.

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Yes all green, if there were engine conversations for gulf 1, I may have gone with that.

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Nice start! FYI, the “door” under the aft pylon are required for flight in the CH-47D, and I’m pretty sure the HC2 is a D variant.

The doors on the CH-47C were sometimes left off.

Just taped up, to check fitting, and the door is going to be there.
By door I take it, you mean ramp.

No, not the Ramp or ramp “tongue”, there are two door/panels under the aft transmission. If you’re doing a ground preflight shot, you can leave the XSM panels open.

FYI, In the summer we generally flew with the tongue retracted into the ramp.

typical USA CH-47D ramp area. the “doors” I was talking about are just at the top of the shot. We flew without sound proofing just in front of the aft trans to check for hydraulic leaks. 5000Lb pallet of water was a common load in Iraq.

We generally dropped the Ramp “flippers” down to get in and out of the aft area. Stock M-60D tail gun position.


Got you, the over head covers into the fin area that are painted greenyyellow in your picture,
the one I have painted and left off is how our HC1s and 2s are whenever I was a carried by them,

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That was one good thing about being stationed at RAF Odiham until I came down here, I could get freebe rides on Training flights … used to have some good ones as well.



Also found pro modeller, has done a video on u tube.

Looking nice Frank

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Finish for you?

Love the particle separators…


Getting some colour on.


Looking very good .