Chinook heavy lift

These are frame stills from vid clips I did , but sadly I cannot sus out how to convert them to show the clips…

It was a Chinook that came to the Station to assist in the lift of an old hulk used for training and demos.

I think the Sea King is now going as scrap… It was pretty impressive… It had been on a slab of concrete for years in a field on Station, but was surrounded by trees…once it had been lifted, it was flown about 800m to get loaded onto a low loader and taken away …


Nice. Always cool to watch a heavy lift helo.

The JARTs team were down for a few days prepping the Sea King, prior to the lift.

I hope someone may have a better plan about converting the actual clip as I would be happy to e mail it to them, then they could repost it back in here…

It’s only just over 2 minutes but interesting to watch .

Upload it to Youtube. It doesn’t have to be for public use. You can post the link here. That’s what I do with my shooting videos.

Is it easy for a luddite to do ? Never done anything on YouTube etc

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I figured it out without the help of my 20 year old daughter. I believe you have to have a Gmail account.

Will give it a crack tomorrow

Did the rotors in slow mo…


Managed to do one …cheers Rob @18bravo and Robin for the idea about you tube … Will do the underslung load later :+1:

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And the Sea King underslung…


They touched down quickly with the load, to check the strop, and then carried on to the low loader.


If you stop the video of the shithook under load you can really see the upward flex of the blades. Something to think about when modeling that I’ve never seen anyone actually do.


Hey, bro!!

I did it in the old ‘The Golden Hour’ diorama!!

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What I meant to say was, I haven’t seen it done by any mortal modelers.

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Love that answer, but it’s not true, my friend…

Last time I saw a “Hook” was about four years ago at perhaps 300 feet and 30 knots . . . damn those things are loud!
Cool video :+1:

Cajun :crocodile:

Wanna see up lift, find the video of the Russian helo trying to lift the frozen mammoth… If the cable had snapped the helo would have made it to Mir!!! Ah! Found it! Pause it at about 1:09. Raising the Mammoth pt. 12 - YouTube

I’m not sure I remember it. The last helo I remember from you was gthe MH47, which I really liked. Post a link?
I tried it once on a Blackhawk not even a heavy lift, just some upward flex. Broke off one of the rotors. I’ll post a photo if I dig it out.

Sluff, that is indeed some rotor extreme flex.

First time I saw that Mil footage was at the hotel during an airshow with the H-21 crew I volunteered with. Our pilot saw that and about crapped his trousers!


No offense but as a former Hooker every time I hear someone refer to Big Sexy as a “shithook” it’s like nails on a chalkboard.
And I understand that it’s usually a term of endearment and also there’s not one 11 Bang-Bang that wasn’t extremely appreciative to ride one into an OP instead of legging it!
But still :face_vomiting:

You might interpret it as the hook that lifts all kinds of sh*t from point A to point B.

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