Churchill Mk. III interior

As a project for the new year and a gift to myself I am going to be building the AFV club Churchill Mk III from the Dieppe landing. The regiment that provided the tanks for this assault were from my hometown so I’m really excited to tackle this project! I am planning to build one that hit a mine on the beach and has since been abandoned by its crew and is now being inspected by Germans after the battle. I was looking to get a nice Churchill Mk. III interior as I will have this displayed with many of the hatches open.

Does anyone know where I could track one down?

The only company I know of that did Churchill interiors was Inside the Armour and unfortunately they ceased production of anything beside books years ago. I’m afraid finding one second hand or scratch building your own are your only options.

Paul H

Darn! Thanks for the reply. Was hoping to track one down, as like I said I want to display it with a lot of hatches open after being abandoned

Try posting this on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum - maybe somebody has one in the stash they’d sell?