Churchill Mk VII Crocodile 1/48th (with flame effect)

Hi All,

This was the last build i finished. I usuallly work on 1/35 armour but due to the potential size of the build when adding the flame thrower decided to scale it down to 1/48. I also really enjoyed the scale and plan on doing my top 5 tanks in that scale on one base for my desk.

Anyway hope you enjoy


Looks awesome, Simon!

How did you do the flame effect? Only painting or also electric lighting?

Really cool looking diorama!! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Both. Its essentially a wooden skewer, then i got small LEDs on a copper wire, the kind of ones you see in vases etc on etsy and VERY tightly wound them around the skewer (100 lights, more the better) then i wrapped double sided tape around that then… (phew) wrapped synthetic stuffing tightly around that making sure to try and keep some of the “fluffyness” then i painted it various yellows, oranges, red and blacks. It looks bloody awful when the lights are off but really works when lit up.

WOW!! That is very impressive - love the look of the flames!!



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Flames are very difficult to recreate. You, my friend, have done it brilliantly !
Not to take away anything from the Crocodile which looks great on its own. Again, :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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EXCELLENT execution! and the flame is very convincing.

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Very very good. And good call about reducing the size to 1/48. I also really like the realistic look of the swirling flame and how it gets bigger the farther it goes.

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wooooohhhh!!! Amazing work. The flame are incredible, looks like a real one.


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looks amazing! just as good as the Normandy landings one.

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WOW!!! Very impressive work!

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