Churchill resin turret

I know i saw it posted in here before .
I am looking for the manufacturer that does the black prince and sime of the early turrets for churchills

Black Prince is certainly here - amongst others:

1:35 Scale Kits (

Thank you . Sent the email to them

I ordered from them a few years back; it all took a while (not that I was in a hurry) but the product was sound enough. Good luck!

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@BootsDMS . Good to know. How long was a while.

'Can’t remember to be honest; nothing too punishing and it may just reflect that I wasn’t in a hurry for it.

I also bought the kit to the USA. It took about 4 months IIRC. Very well done kit though.

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@ninjrk @BootsDMS .
I ordered 2 kits from him and he stated the delivery time is about 3 weeks.
So all in all thats not to bad

Good luck - I don’t think we’ve seen a Black Prince on here before.

I decided to get 2 of the MKII conversions and if those look good the black prince will be next

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