Cix Walrus and Gorillas | Armorama™

More wild animals from Cix, now they offer also walrus and gorillas.

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Never thought I would want a walrus model. But now I do.


It is very nice but can you envision it as anything other than a standalone piece ?

I can. Blocking a group of SEALS coming ashore. Off to the side as an AMTRAC makes a landing.


Now there’s some definite diorama possibilities lol

Vignette idea ?



Yes there you go !!

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I gotta get the walrus… Just because lol

With Meng’s 96K6 Pantsir S1 in arctic scheme based on Kotelny Island.

These are really nice but outside of modelling a zoo I can’t see myself ever wanting/needing any. Oh well…

I’ve wanted 1/35 gorillas since forever, just because they’re fascinating. Used to go to B&I when I was at Ft. Lewis back in the 80s when Ivan the gorilla was there, he was such a cool creature!