Clarktor 6 MIL-33 Aircraft Tug with Two Mark 2 Bomb Trailers | AeroScale

Bill Cross reviews Thunder Model's 1:32 scale Clarktor MIL-33 aircraft tug and two Mark 2 bomb trailers.

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This is one of those subjects that I did not know I wanted until I saw the kit advertised. I really want one of these. They’re small and compact and pretty cool to place around my airplanes.

I don’t quite recall but this might also be the tug that I drove around on a little bit back in my freightdog days. It rings a bell. Regardless, I have several models that this would be right at home sheltering under the wings thereof.

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You hit the nail on the head: a fun model that will bring a lot of pizzazz to any setup. You may have driven one as the 1:1 Clarktor tugs are still out in the market.

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I should point out this kit is not for the faint-hearted: the bomb fins and side boards for the tractor are PE-only with no styrene alternative. The directions for the bomb fins are incorrect, but easy-enough to figure out. It still is building up into a real charmer.