Classic airframes kits?

I’ve been looking for a F-5 freedom fighter for a while and just caught wind that my local store has a Classic airframes RF-5 from classic airframes. I’m very tempted to buy it as they seem like a great value with etch and resin, but I’ve never dealt with classic airframes kits, so I’m curious how they are.

Not the RF-5 but two of the other F-5 kits which had similar issues so I would expect them on that kit.

Not for a beginner or one expecting Tamiya like build but also not horrible.


If you haven’t already check out Scalemates model reference pages:

There are a trio of builds towards the bottom of the page. Looks like a good kit, I certainly would be very tempted…
tim :smiley:

Thanks @litespeed and @Tank_1812 i did read through the reviews. Was a little out off by fit issues but after reading more they seem manageable. I’ve also been after a Canadian marked F-5 for a while so I think I’ll take a chance

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