Classic Motoring - Vintage Kit Score!

While it is only a couple days into the new year, I can’t help but think of the old saw “Out with the old, in with the new!” Of course, when it comes to sprue, I can’t really abide by that at all. I’m more like “In with the old, in with the older and weirder!”. I know it doesn’t really follow the spirit of things, but you know me… always have to be contrary.

In that fine tradition then I would like to share with all of you a great classic car score I had in late November, in the one Toy Show I managed to get to before COVID started shutting everything back down again! Now, when I say “Classic” I don’t mean ‘50s and ‘60s like most people. I mean cars that are 90-118 years old, and kits that are about half that age!

If you’re looking for a weird collection of older Brass and Vintage era car kits, then click on the link below the see some of the awesome chestnuts I picked up late last year, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite too!

That’s some haul you posted. Those 1/32 scale kits really look quite nice. The exact opposite of the horrendous Airfix kits. looking forward to seeing you build a few of them.

As for the real oldies but goodies, my pick naturally wasn’t the winner, but eventually you’ll get around to building that Bugatti.

Hey, the poll just started, so who knows, the Bugatti might come out on top in the end! It’s a nice looking kit. Like all Matchboxes, it’s simple, but nice.

I’m floored by the Pyro/Life-Like Buick, though! It’s just amazing!

A great haul, for sure. Love the box art, on those old kit’s. Someone actually sat and painted a picture, with paint and brushes, on a piece of canvas; no computers. Love it.

My brother build the Aston Martin, some time, in the 70’s. A few years ago, my mother found a box, with my brothers builds, in her cellar(The Vault). Most of the kits had bits and pieces broken of, but were complete. I restored all the models(Just glue and various pins, for support; no paint) and gave the box, to my brother. They were on display, the next time I visited him :grin:

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I love side-pipes.
I voted

Great story with even a greater ending. I’m sure that you were thrilled that your brother put those models proudly on display.

Come to think of it, my brother called last night as he finally finished going through 12 boxes of paperwork that we took from my mother’s home after she died years ago. And he actually found the commemorative booklet to the 1969 Can Am race at Bridgehampton in mint condition and is giving it to me.

BTW, the Bruce and Denny show finished 1-2 in their M8B McLarens as usual.


Another super article Adam, and an awesome haul for the project pile!

Like @Uncle-Heavy , I love the side pipes on the SSKL, but I voted for the 1910 Buick. A brass-era mini-bus!

Looking forward to progress reports on whichever of these classics wins the day!

Cheers, D

That is quite a gem, your brother found. An item that could go on display, with your models. Would be amazing, with a model of the McLarens, to go with it :grinning:

I also have one other one from the Indy car race at Cleveland airport, truly one of the best ever temp road courses.