Cleaning prior to paint

There is another thread on this topic and I posted the question however I did not receive an answer.

I used Perfect Plastic Putty to fill some seams, pin marks, etc. If I use soap and water to clean the model, will the PPP dissolve due to water solubility?


If you are concerned about water dissolving your putty. use MEK. It’s readily available in hardware stores.
It may completely dissolve your model, but your fillings should all remain intact.

Warning: This is meant as a joke.
The Do NOT buy and use this device thread has me feeling a bit rambunctious this morning,


But would it melt Bondo? Lol

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I would just dust off the model and maybe lightly wipe it down with a damp cloth. The PPP says it is water soluble even after it is dry, so I am assuming it will wash out if you use a soap and water solution to wash it.


I’ve used actone to clean metal that had Bondo on it, (maybe MEK as well if I was out of acetone) and I can tell you that stuff is impervious to most chemicals.

On a serious note, I’ve used various forms of water soluble fillers such as PVA glue and plain old Wite-Out. Even though they’re water soluble, it takes a while. A momentary splash of water never hurt. I’d try a similar sized fill on an old model, and see how it reacts to water. Then report back to us of course.



After stuff is together and ready for paint I wipe it down with an alcohol wipe (like you use on your skin before an injection). It’s not very wet and it has never damaged PPP.


I’m going to try the alcohol wipe down method within the next few days. I will let you all know how it works out!

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I find that I really have to work the Plastic Putty hard with water and a q-tip to remove it,I guess it would depend on how much water you used

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I will try doing some with soap and water, and some with isopropyl wipes.

I cleaned it with soap and water and the perfect plastic putty was not harmed.