Clear body and turrets - how do you glue together

Hey folks,

First time with large clear parts and was wondering what glue you use, I have done some aircraft canopies with testors clear parts glue but don’t know if this would be appropriate for this application.
building the Rye Field panther

Any help appreciated

Same stuff works well. Car guys (including myself occasionally) also use white glue. It has the added benefit of being a filler if necessary.

I use Gator glue.
Its like white glue but a bit stronger.

Just don’t use it, or Gorilla glue on your hair. Next we’ll have to tell people not to mix liquid cement with tequila.

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Im speechless… WHY WOULD YOU DO THATTT??? :joy:
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The same glues used for any clear parts like canopies and wind shields on model kits.
Some prethought is needed however. Being clear will show the glue joint from the wrong perspective sort of. You need to plan for the cleanest/ evenist glue joint you can or you will be disapointed and just spray a paint coat over the clear to hide the joint. I have tried to figure ways to not apply glue in the clear areas so as to have the nicest view of the joint when looking at it from the outside.

Man you made my day

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Depending on the stress the parts have, you could use Future or similar product to hold in place.

Speaking of Future, dip all your clear parts in it and allow to drip dry in a dust-free environment, ie; just cover it and don’t let anything touch it overnight. This will improve the clarity of the clear plastic like you wouldn’t believe!

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When I bought the RMF Panther G with clear turret and hull, the shop also sold me Revell Contacta Clear for the clear bits, they said I would need it. I haven’t made the kit yet, but have used the glue on various windows and windscreens of trucks and it does work really well, much better than anything else I’ve tried. It’s thicker than normal poly and seems cloudy but dries clear and does not fog the “glass” parts.

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Formula 550 Canopy Glue FTW

Again, practice gluing some clear scrap together and see what type of glue or application looks best when dried, prior to glueing the actual parts.