Clear plastic for vac forming

anyone vac form their own canopies? what type of plastic do you use and where do you get it? my LHS before they closed carried squadron clear sheet but i don’t see it on their site and i do not remember what type of plastic it was styrene, acetate or other. oh and what thickness?
Thanks Joe,clear

They have 0.10 if you want/need a little thicker.

thanks, what thickness should be used for 1/48 canopies? also do you know what type of plastic? i tried using clear plastic from blister packs and it worked for a while of times but recently it is turning white when it cools. don’t know if the industry went to a different plastic.


They say polystyrene. I think the thickness can work. I haven’t tried it myself.

i see the chart now for 1/48 says 0.24 thickness