Clear varnish over the enamel wash?

as i am not very experienced yet i better asking bevore destroying it:

Until now i have :

Layer 1 : Acrylic red pirmer
Layer 2: Dark Olive Drap
Layer 3: Light Olive Drap (chipped wir hairspray)
Layer 4: Clear acrylic varnish
Layer 5: Enamel dark brown wash + some dark pinwash

i am thinking about to do some oil paint rendering next ( as Mario Rinaldi calls it :slight_smile: ),
but the oils are thinned with odorless thiner which will make the wash mixed with it, so do i need another clear coat inbetween?


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I don’t believe so.

I would have to reread Micheal’s book to see if he has any updated information.

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Enamels should dry faster than oils so I understand that after a couple of days, there is no problem working directly.

However, I would advise to make a test on a less visible area to be sure.


You can do oils over an enamel wash. It won’t affect the wash. Once the enamel is dry, you can’t remove it with thinner.

Just to revive this thread and maybe provide some help, I would recommend checking out Rinaldi Studio (there might be Press at the end of the name) on YouTube, it’s his actual channel. There’s some pretty good stuff on there.